Patients and Caregivers

If you or someone close to you has relapsed refractory multiple myeloma or a solid tumor accompanied by a malignant fluid (ascites or pleural effusion) that can be safely tapped, then Travera may be able to help your physician identify potential treatment options that are right for you.

Travera’s test is designed to replace the historical trial and error approach using standard-of-care therapies with an improved, personalized approach that matches patients with the most effective drugs for their cancer. By precisely measuring the weight change of cancer cells in response to drugs, our test can quickly identify the therapies which patients are most likely to respond to.

The information below is designed to provide an introduction to our test, which is currently under development and will soon be available for clinical use.

How the Test Works

The current approach to treating cancers is often “trial and error”. With dozens of targeted therapies and hundreds of non-targeted therapies, attempting this approach on a one-by-one basis is not practical due to the time it would take to accomplish this, the associated drug toxicities, and of course, the expense.

Travera is developing an alternative approach where drugs are tested OUTSIDE the patient rather than INSIDE the patient. We measure the weight change of cancer cells when exposed to a cancer drug ex vivo. Using this approach we can try dozens of drugs (in very small quantities) against dozens of small collections of cancer cells. This approach completely eliminates toxicity, dramatically reduces the cost (because we only need enough drug to treat a few cells, not a whole person), and only takes a couple of days.

We will select the drugs to be tested in consultation with the patient’s oncologist and guided by genomic analysis, either the patient’s cancer genome (if the patient has been sequenced) or the cancer genomes of patients who have similar cancers.


Once testing is complete, your personalized report will be sent to your doctor. This report will list the results from the testing a selected set of FDA-approved drugs against your cancer cells. Your doctor will then meet with you to review these results and discuss potential courses of therapeutic actions based on these findings.

The options for individuals with a relapsed refractory cancer can be limited. Let Travera quickly find you new options.


Participate in Our Clinical Study

Travera is studying the use of its test in patients with relapsed refractory multiple myeloma (RRMM).  We are working with leading cancer experts at prominent academic institutions to enroll study participants. This study collects bone marrow aspirate samples from patients prior to the start of a new treatment regimen for the purposes of prospectively measuring single-cell weight response as a biomarker of patient response to that regimen.

Patient Testimonial

“While the introduction of several novel agents and regimens for newly diagnosed multiple myeloma and relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma has improved outcomes, it has also increased the complexity of treatment selection since not all patients respond. Having a test that can prospectively assess an individual’s personalized response is a much needed breakthrough for patients with multiple myeloma.”

Jack Aiello

Patient advocate and multiple myeloma survivor